GHPOA Annual Newsletter - 2019
Posted on May 21st, 2019

Glen Haven Property Owners Association Annual Letter 2019
Hello to all! The Board wishes all a happy and productive summer! (and hopefully a little dryer) Our Annual Meeting is coming up on April 27th 2019 at 1pm at the pavilion. We hope to see continued interest in our community with a great turn out! IMPORTANT: please read attached agenda for meeting as we will vote on amendments to the articles of incorporation. THIS WILL AFFECT ALL – IF YOU WANT INPUT AND VOTE PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES PRIOR TO 4/15 TO BE ABLE TO VOTE.
River Challenges This year has been a challenge for Glen Haven as we are all aware. The rains of 2018 have had most of us not using the river or repairing the damage that was done by the rising waters. As most of you are aware our community dock floated down river and was lost. Jenny Thacker has graciously donated one of her docks for community use. We will need help with some repairs and launch! Please email us if you are able to help in this.
Website Mark Drew continues to work on making our new community website the go-to place for all community communication. We hope to conduct next years billing through the web. If you have not yet done so…. Please visit the website and register your information at:
Fire department: GHPOA has made a commitment and budgeted an annual donation of $500.00 and we ask that all community members continue to recognize their service. For without their help last year our ramp would not have been usable!
Board Vacancies: we are seeking nominations to fill 3 board positions for this upcoming year. We would also love to hear from anyone who might be interested in volunteering his or her time. There are many things that volunteers can do that would help keep our dues low and our community attractive.
Tree Removal: Several trees and low hanging branches were removed this year and there is still wood available! Help.
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