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Winter May still be Coming!
Snow removal has been contracted for the 2019-2020 season with
We ask that all homeowners mark the ends of their driveways and property edges with reflective markers, to help avoid damage when plowed
Markers can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes and from Amazon
If forecasting snow, we ask that all cars be off the road for ease of plowing.
Connie Ave please take note as that street is most narrow!
Upcoming Dates to Know!
1.    Billing to begin for annual assessments 2020-2021.
  • IF you did not receive your invoice by Feb 15th please contact the board at GHPOA or ghpoa44@gmail.com to ensure we have your correct mailing address.
1.    Reminder invoices will be mailed…….
2.    Annual Meeting Announcement to be mailed to all homeowners which will include proxy form and changes to Bylaws for all to review and plan to vote on at Annual Meeting.
3.    Reminder – all dues MUST be received by 4/15/2020 to vote at the annual meeting.
1.    Annual Clean Up – Likely to be the morning of 4/25/2020.
Annual meeting 4/25/20, at 1pm at the Pavilion.  Plans at this time are to vote on changes to Bylaws.  Changes will be mailed with Announcement of annual meeting.
Scoop your poop!
We all love our four-legged friends but it’s not so nice to step in their poo.  Whether it’s our home lawns, docks lots or the Glen Haven community property, please be a good pet owner and pick up after your pooch.
The sun is out...
and so are the kids!

Please respect the 15 mph speed limit in our beautiful neighborhood.


Tips and Rules to Deal with the Groundhogs in Glen Haven

As many of you know, we have quite the Ground Hog population in Glen Haven, especially by the river banks. Here are some tips and tricks to help in managing the little guys.
  1. WV law prohibits trapping and relocation
  2. It is prohibited to shoot in the Glen Haven neighborhood
  3. Deter with shaved Irish Spring Soap
  4. Deter with garlic and pepper
GHPOA has a new address:
     410 Mason Drive
     Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
NOTE - If there's an emergency at the Pavilion or Boat Ramp, please provide the above address as it is now on the emergency locator / GPS.
Check out this year's newsletter for a quick snap shot of the past year and what's to come HERE.
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Upcoming Events
GHPOA Annual Meeting
Saturday, April 25th, 1pm at Community Pavilion