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Membership Letter to GHPOA 2021
Happy 2021 to all GHPOA residents! Hopefully, this will be a much better year and we will be able to be out enjoying our neighborhood.
The Annual Meeting of the Membership will be held on April 24th at 1pm at the Community Pavilion. We ask that all members wear masks and social distance.  If you choose not to attend the meeting, we ask that you complete your proxy form included in this letter as we have items that must be voted on and want everyone to participate in the decision making.
We will continue to utilize window decals this year and will be monitoring traffic near the boat ramp. If you have already paid your dues - they are included in this mailing.  If not, as we receive your payments, they will be mailed to you or you could pick up at the annual meeting.
ALL dues need to be paid in full by April 15th of this year. You may pay your dues online at any time however, after April 15th the transaction fees of will be assumed by the member. This year the membership will be asked to vote on the following proposed changes:
  1. Increase in annual dues to $290.00 for 2022-2023 fiscal year. This does not include the $10.00 Road Fee.  We continue to evaluate the Dues amount to make sure we cover operating costs and put funds aside in the Capital Fund for potential expensive road repairs.
  2. Changes to By-Laws, the Board has proposed several changes to the By-Laws bringing them in line with the amendments to Articles of Incorporation that were filed in 2019. The proposed revised By-Laws are available online by going to our website; www.glenhavenpoa.org. They will also be posted 2 weeks prior to the meeting at the general mailbox area for viewing.   The changes were mostly updating and restatement of the current By-Laws with one exception.  Article XII, Section 12.2 was added to address concerns about short term rentals.  The proposed new By-laws can be found here.
  3. Elections of new board members. As you know the pandemic did not allow for our annual meeting last year and we did have several board members whose terms were up. We would like to thank Melissa Axtman, Sandy McCombe-Waller, and Becky Sullivan for their time and service.  Annette Holt and Carrie Perfetto remained for an additional year.  We have several “interim” board members who have volunteered and would like to join the Board officially; they are Karen Mitchell (acting Secretary) Julie Whalen (acting Treasurer), JoAnna Smith and Jenny Thacker all of whom need to be elected officially to the board. If you are interested in running for a board position or assisting the Board, please contact us through email at: ghpoa44@gmail.com.
  4. Annual Community Clean-up day will be April 24th at 9am! We hope to see everyone out and help where they can! Please meet at the pavilion!  Also, we need a few trucks for moving debris.

Downloadable version of the above notice may be obtained here.

An Open Letter to Our Community
The GHPOA board met recently recognizing that some members of our community may need help at this time of high concern over the current pandemic.
We are all aware the Covid 19 virus (Corona) is most dangerous to those with pre-existing medical conditions, especially seniors. 
GHPOA is seeking volunteers to help in assisting those community members in need.  This may be as simple as going to the grocery store or pharmacy.  We ask that if you know of a senior member in the community to reach out to them and check on them often. 
If you are willing to be called to help in our community please notify Carrie Perfetto at [304-676-9455] or email me at ghpoa44@gmail.com and I will do my best to coordinate.
If you are IN NEED of assistance – I ask that you call me at the number above and I will make every effort to get you the assistance you need. 
Please stay healthy, wash your hands and lets look out for each other!  
Scoop your poop!
We all love our four-legged friends but it’s not so nice to step in their poo.  Whether it’s our home lawns, docks lots or the Glen Haven community property, please be a good pet owner and pick up after your pooch.
The sun is out...
and so are the kids!

Please respect the 15 mph speed limit in our beautiful neighborhood.


Tips and Rules to Deal with the Groundhogs in Glen Haven

As many of you know, we have quite the Ground Hog population in Glen Haven, especially by the river banks. Here are some tips and tricks to help in managing the little guys.
  1. WV law prohibits trapping and relocation
  2. It is prohibited to shoot in the Glen Haven neighborhood
  3. Deter with shaved Irish Spring Soap
  4. Deter with garlic and pepper
GHPOA has a new address:
     410 Mason Drive
     Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
NOTE - If there's an emergency at the Pavilion or Boat Ramp, please provide the above address as it is now on the emergency locator / GPS.
Check out this year's newsletter for a quick snap shot of the past year and what's to come HERE.
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