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When you are visiting our community, we ask that you observe the following rules and regulations:
1)   Jefferson County Animal regulations require dogs to be on leash whenever walking around the community. There have been dog attacks and bites by visitor’s pets. Owners should clean up animal droppings from their pets.
2)   Please observe the 15-mph speed limit when traveling on our roads.
3)   The Community Dock and Pavilion are for members only.  All guests must be accompanied by homeowners.  Vehicles must have annual stickers.
4)   All river lots are private property and cannot be used without homeowner’s permission.
5)   There is no fishing or swimming at the Community Dock area.
6)   Glen Haven is a private community with quiet hours of 10:00 pm – 8:00 am.
7)   All fire pit usage is controlled by the local fire department.  Please avoid daytime burning that contributes to local air pollution.
8)   Underage children cannot operate motorized golf carts or motorcycles.
9)   Alcohol consumption by minors is prohibited and will be reported to local authorities.
10) Glen Haven is a beautiful and clean community, and we ask that you help us keep
our community pristine by reminding your clients to pick up after themselves
down at the river and in the common areas.
11) Enjoy your time here and be respectful of your neighbors!

Our 2022 Annual Meeting was a success, and we are grateful for all who attended. If you were unable to attend, we wanted to share some highlights from our discussion.
The idea is that we all share this beautiful space and these are some reminders to make sure everyone feels safe and respected.
  1. Dogs on Leash – This is sometimes a sensitive issue because we all love our fur babies, but not everyone adores our four-legged friends as much as we do. Some are downright fearful and we want those residents to feel as free to explore our neighborhood as the next fella. Please leash your pets or keep them contained in your yard out of respect for your neighbors.
  2. Pick up the Poo – Oh boy, there is nothing worse than stepping on your property with flip flops and right into some fresh poo! It’s the worst! Please pick up after your pets and if you have renters, please share the same message.
  3. Common Area - Please refrain from driving or parking vehicles of ANY SIZE in the common areas. These areas are prone to divots and ruts and causes lots of problems when mowing. Common areas are for walking, playing and enjoying. It’s not fair if residents are using it for personal use and the others don’t get the same privilege.
  4. Drone Usage – Please respect your neighbors private property. No one likes to look up and see a drone hovering above them when they are in their own yard. If you need a place to fly your drone, see #3. There’s lots of common area to explore and your neighbor then feels safe.
  5. Grass Clippings are Dangerous - Did you know that when grass clippings are on the road after they dry they make it slippery for motorcycles, bicycles and even people walking by?  Please turn your mower toward your yard as you mow to keep our streets neat, tidy, and safe.

Downloadable version of the above notice may be obtained here.

An Open Letter to Our Community
The GHPOA board met recently recognizing that some members of our community may need help at this time of high concern over the current pandemic.
We are all aware the Covid 19 virus (Corona) is most dangerous to those with pre-existing medical conditions, especially seniors. 
GHPOA is seeking volunteers to help in assisting those community members in need.  This may be as simple as going to the grocery store or pharmacy.  We ask that if you know of a senior member in the community to reach out to them and check on them often. 
If you are willing to be called to help in our community please notify Carrie Perfetto at [304-676-9455] or email me at and I will do my best to coordinate.
If you are IN NEED of assistance – I ask that you call me at the number above and I will make every effort to get you the assistance you need. 
Please stay healthy, wash your hands and lets look out for each other!  
Scoop your poop!
We all love our four-legged friends but it’s not so nice to step in their poo.  Whether it’s our home lawns, docks lots or the Glen Haven community property, please be a good pet owner and pick up after your pooch.
The sun is out...
and so are the kids!

Please respect the 15 mph speed limit in our beautiful neighborhood.


Tips and Rules to Deal with the Groundhogs in Glen Haven

As many of you know, we have quite the Ground Hog population in Glen Haven, especially by the river banks. Here are some tips and tricks to help in managing the little guys.
  1. WV law prohibits trapping and relocation
  2. It is prohibited to shoot in the Glen Haven neighborhood
  3. Deter with shaved Irish Spring Soap
  4. Deter with garlic and pepper
GHPOA has a new address:
     410 Mason Drive
     Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
NOTE - If there's an emergency at the Pavilion or Boat Ramp, please provide the above address as it is now on the emergency locator / GPS.
Check out this year's newsletter for a quick snap shot of the past year and what's to come HERE.
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